Drug Ocean has a wide network of global manufacturing relationships within the areas of pharmaceuticals, nutraceuticals and medical supplies. We work with hundreds of fully licensed manufacturers from all over the world, who bid to make your product at the lowest cost and the highest quality standards.

Our contract manufacturing partners pay our fees, therefore there are ZERO costs or commitments that you pay us for.

As Coronavirus is spreading in different parts of the world, countries are gearing-up to brace the impact and minimize the damages. In view of WHO declaring it as a pandemic on March 11, 2020, it is critical for every country to work towards containing the virus. As an emergency response, early detection and isolation of people who are infected by Coronavirus is of utmost importance for controlling the spread of the disease.

Due to the nature, demand, rapid spread and the severity of the disease, currently we are focused on medical supply sales, relating to the virus. Our medical supply manufacturers are standing by to service our customers with coveted and highly in-demand precautionary, detection and confirmation products including, but not limited to Masks,  Test kits and Thermometers. 
We also carry a consistent stock of essential PPE such as masks, thermometers, isolation gowns and hand sanitizer, among other things at our warehouse/distribution center, located in Bonner Springs, Kansas.

Please review our Product Catalog to stay up to date on available PPE items, and reach out with any questions at info@drugocean.com