Transforming Healthcare

Paving New Ways

Drug Ocean Pharmaceuticals is an upcoming marketing and distribution company specializing in niche generic prescription pharmaceutical products as well as numerous non prescription products covering a variety of therapeutic areas and dosage forms.

We market numerous OTC, nutraceutical and wellness products through its global network of development and manufacturing partners. Apart from that, we have an emerging pipeline of niche pharmaceutical and wellness products.

We are devoted to providing our partners and customers cost-efficient high-quality pharmaceuticals with a strong focus on supply chain management. We ensure that all our products are manufactured in state-of-the-art facilities using quality assurance techniques that meet regulatory standards. Through our close partnerships with our customers, we ensure the safe and effective delivery of our products to the public.

Drug ocean is committed to be a global leader in the development, manufacturing and marketing of generic formulation, development and marketing of APIs, CRAMS and advanced intermediates, clinical studies and clinical data management and regulatory services.

Drug Ocean

Our Values

We believe that empathy is one of the best qualities to possess and hence we care about people. Our goal is to make life better for everyone which not only includes patients but also manufacturers, partners, pharmacies and physicians.

We are in this business to make physicians and their patients feel confident with our treatment offerings. For this, we not only educate our patients but also ensure the quality of our affordable generic medication.

The needs of our patients are of prime importance, and understanding their needs aids us in providing them with the best treatment and education material. This understanding has helped us in making numerous partnerships where we along with our partners work towards providing greater access to affordable medication to everyone.